The Train Collector – Current Issue

One of the great benefits of becoming a member of the Train Collectors Society is your subscription to Train Collector.

The Train Collector is published quarterly in full colour using the latest digital print technology. Being produced in this way it has been possible to include a feature that would not have been possible by previous methods within the budget available, full colour!

The current editor is Nicholas Oddy.

As always full of fascinating articles, including:

  • Important Message from The Chairman
  • Obituary
  • Lucille, Lucille, Lucille; Or, What’s In A Pullman Car Name?
  • Tri-ang SR Suburban 4-Sub Emu
  • The HMRS John E Skinley Drawing Collection: Modelcraft Ltd
  • Allen’s Oddities
  • Investigating
  • The Bing ‘Black Hole’ Electric George Vs
  • Graham Farish N Gauge is 50!
  • Life-Like- The Story Of A Brand
  • Augerswell And Great Blessingsby ... And Goodbye To All That!
  • No 1 ¾ Tank Loco
  • Tim’s Trains - Fragments From Forgotten Firms
  • A Box Of Tracks Or A Box Of Tricks? Or The Waiting Game
  • Modelled Miniature
  • Plateway Model Train Set
  • Who? Why When?
  •  Responses to Previous Articles
  • Publications
  • A Snapshot Of History
  • The Vectis Gallery
  • ......

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