Apart from the fellowship of like-minded collectors and toy train enthusiasts, when you join the Train Collectors Society you gain the following specific services:

Train Collectors Society membership leaflet

  • Train Collector Magazine, only available to members, published 4 times a year.
  • Three shows each year with discounted entry to members. See our events.
  • The TrainColSoc E – group; To join send a blank e-mail to:
  • Discounted entry for members to the Brighton Toy & Model Museum – further details.
  • Binders for the magazine and back issues on CD/DVD - see our shop (for members only)
  • TCS Enquiry Service (for members only): We will try to answer your toy and model train questions and put you in touch with the people who share your interests and can help you.

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Membership Secretary : Paul Chapman

Membership Secretary, Train Collectors Society, PO Box 1400, Blofield, Norwich, NR13 4WJ.


This is the privacy notice of the Train Collectors Society (TCS), the data controller.

Personal data is data which can be used to identify you.

This statement sets out how the TCS will use your personal data.

The personal data we collect is each member’s name and address and email address. We do not hold any other personal data. The data is held as computer files used by the Membership Secretary and other appropriate officers to enable them to administer the TCS.

Subject to applicable data protection law we will share your personal data with the printer of our magazine, so that he can mail-out the magazine. There is a contract in place which complies with data protection law.

The legal basis under which we will process your personal data is for your own legitimate interest.

The member managing the TCS website resides in Germany, so we have EU cross border processing. The TCS operates under UK authority.

The Data Protection Officer is the committee member acting as Treasurer.

We will use your personal data in the following ways.

  • To send you the TCS magazine.
  • To remind you that membership subscriptions are due to be paid.
  • To inform you of events organised by us, and to invite your participation as helper, exhibitor or trader.
  • To manage access to the Membership Area of the TCS website.

You have rights under applicable data protection law as set out below.

  • For data to be corrected, amended or erased.
  • To be informed about processing.
  • To object to or restrict the processing.
  • To be informed how the data is processed.
  • To complain to the Information Commissioner’s office

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