Event Reports

The TCS have for many years organised three events a year, these are our AGM, normally held in March or early April, a Summer Show in July and the Autumn Get Together at Leicester in November (now always the first Saturday in that month). This page provides your ‘entrance’ to these events through the reports produced at the time. If you could not attend we hope they will give you a flavour of the occasion and some pleasure in reading and viewing all the photos. If you did attend we hope they may provide some pleasant memories.

Train Collectors Society Events

And before looking at the individual reports, a collective thanks is due to all the members who have provided layouts and displays over the years for our pleasure, the traders who have supported the events and for Bob Leggett and Dave McCarthy for writing up and photographing so many of them.

And of course to all those members and friends who have given their time to their organisation and running. In particular appreciation need to be record to David Ramsey, past Chairman, who organised the AGM and Show for many years and is still very active with the Biggleswade events, Bryan Pentland, who has organised the Summer Show in recent years and has taken of the mantle of the AGM as well since becoming Chairman, and Paul Draycott who instigated the Leicester Get-together back in 1991 and has been giving us a great day out there ever since (this year will be the 25th!) helped by the considerable support of members of the congregation of the Trinity Methodist Church.

New reports will be added as soon as they become available.  All the full reports for the AGM and the Summer Show are available back to 2006 (which is as far we have the full photos) and for the Leicester Get-together also to 2006 but in a couple of case with only the photos.

We are also adding reports of the Alresford Festival of Toy Trains and the Beckenham Vintage Show as available, not actually TCS events but both organised by a committee member and supported by many other TCS members.

Reports are best viewed full screen on a PC or laptop or in portrait view on a Tablet or other smart device. 

Full Reports 

AGM & Spring Events 
AGM 2006 Report
AGM 2007 Report
AGM 2008 Report
AGM 2009 Report
AGM 2010 Report
AGM 2011 Report
AGM 2012 Report
AGM 2013 Report
AGM 2014 Report
AGM 2015 Report
AGM 2016 Report
AGM 2017 Report
Plus a brief reminder of the TCS Club Displays at the AGM

Summer Shows 
Summer Show 2006 Report
Summer Show 2007 Report
Summer Show 2008 Report
Summer Show 2009 Report
Summer Show 2010 Report
Summer Show 2011 Report
Summer Show 2012 Report
Summer Show 2013 Report
Summer Show 2014 Report
Summer Show 2015 Report
Summer Show 2016 Report
Summer Show 2017 Report

Leicester Get Togethers 
Leicester Get-together 2006 Report
photos only
Leicester Get-together 2007 Report
Leicester Get-together 2008 Report
Leicester Get-together 2009 Report
photos only
Leicester Get-together 2010 Report
Leicester Get-together 2011 Report
Leicester Get-together 2012 Report
Leicester Get-together 2013 Report
Leicester Get-together 2014 Report
Leicester Get-together 2015 Report
Leicester Get-together 2016 Report
Leicester Get-together 2017 Report

Other Toy Train Shows 
Alresford Festival of Toy Trains 2016
Alresford Festival of Toy Trains 2017
Beckenham Vintage Show 2016

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