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TCSDocimgThis page serves as the ‘front page’ to the TCS Document Folder – an on-line collection of files that may be of interest to the toy and model train collector and enthusiast. They have been put here so they will be available more permanently than in a news item (though they may well have appeared in one first). By placing them in a separate location quite large files may be included, bigger than can be reasonable hosted on the website itself. To download a file just click on this icon TCSDocimgsmall to go to the TCS Document Folder and then download the file you want.

While over time all sorts of useful material may be stored here (we hope) the general idea is to offer ‘documents’ authored by TCS members that because of their size and  / or specialism do not fit within the constraints of our Train Collector magazine but which we think would be of interest to members. Current documents are:

CIWL carriages by Fred 3.0 small.pdf  (Fred van der Lubb’s survey of his collection of CIWL vehicles – now with some revisions and corrections) and with an alternative (larger file) version with better quality pictures – CIWL carriages by Fred 3.0 large.pdf

Non CIWL Luxury Trains v1Small.pdf  (A follow up that complements Fred’s book above this time looks at luxury trains not operated under the CIWL name. It encompasses trains from the UK, the rest of Europe and North America, with the reproductions ranging from fine scale models to delightful tinplate toys (now with some revisions and corrections) and  with an alternative (larger file) version with better quality pictures – Non CIWL Luxury Trains v1Large.pdf

Tin stuff from Fred 4.0 small.pdf  (Fred van der Lubb’s overview of tinplate accessories from his collection) – now further updated and also with an alternative (larger file) version with better quality pictures – Tin stuff from Fred 4.0 large.pdf  

LNER Pacifics and NYC HudsonsSmall.pdf  (A new book from Fred, this time featuring those aristocrats of steam haulage as they appear in his collection) – as usual an alternative (larger file) version with better quality pictures is also available – LNER Pacifics and NYC HudsonsLarge.pdf  

NB. The small files should be more than adequate for viewing on line, storing as an iBook etc. However the larger versions will give you extra quality photos if printing. 

The Tri-ang Lego & LGB Crossover.pdf   (James Day’s survey of the earlier LEGO trains and in particular how their options for automation compare with some other systems)

Please note that all files are free to be downloaded and for private use. Copyright may well remain with the original author (and photographer / illustrator) but in any case  please mention the source when you copy something.

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